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Good One is people, values and professional marketing communication services.
We are a Polish marketing group, consisting of seven agencies. We comprehensively support brands in the effective achievement of image and sales targets.


Independence allows each of us to make decisions consciously and according to our own values. A sense of independence gives us the opportunity to manage our life and professional growth, and allow us taking full responsibility and control over our actions. In group work we define it as the ability to express one’s opinion and share knowledge. This allows us to add value to every discussion and decision we make.


Understanding ourselves, our work, capabilities, limitations and the business environment is the skill that underpins every our action. Understanding the needs and capabilities of employees, the company and our clients is an opportunity for more effective communication, better relations, business development and achieving the intended goals.


Optimism guides every action we take. It is a way of looking at people and business. This attitude allows us to make decisions more efficiently and courageously. Thanks to this we learn, we are creative, we inspire others, and we effectively solve the problems we encounter and achieve our goals. By choosing an optimistic view of the world we believe that it is the key to success in professional and private life.


Commitment to the tasks gives us better quality and efficiency, and less risk of making mistakes. Every day, it increases job satisfaction and allows us to achieve results that often exceed our expectations.


Trust is the core of every activity in business and beyond business. It is also the first step in work with Good One. Trust allows us to build lasting relationships and strengthen them during cooperation. Our long-standing customers are the example of this.

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    Good One to polska grupa marketingowo - doradcza, która kompleksowo wspiera marki w efektywnym osiąganiu celów wizerunkowych oraz sprzedażowych. Good One to ludzie, wartości oraz profesjonalne usługi z zakresu komunikacji marketingowej. Tworzymy nowe marki oraz wspieramy te już istniejące poprzez skuteczne działania z zakresu public relations, social media, digital marketingu, kampanii SEO, SEM oraz reklamy.


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